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>Temporary Exhibition
>Norrbyskärs Museum. Sweden

“In Norrbyskär 1895 the industrial magnate Frans Kempe created the workers society of his dreams. He placed an essential lumber factory on the island and conditioned the comfortable houses, the school and healthcare for the workers with their abstention from involvement in unions and drinking.

Charged Utopia points to the price that every utopian vision pays. On the 19th of August an interactive exhibition takes place on the road to Norrbyskär, on the island and in Norrbyskärs museum. The experience draws from the rich historical material from Norrbyskär and staging it in dialogue with current questions on immigration and the challenged utopia of the Swedish Folkhemmet”

[source https://www.tii.se/media/news]

>Temporary Exhibition
>Norrbyskärs Museum. Sweden

>Temporary Exhibition
>Norrbyskärs Museum. Sweden

>Temporary Exhibition
>Norrbyskärs Museum. Sweden


Curated by
Interactive Swedish ICT and Umeå University

Made possible by
Norbyskärs Museum
Umeå Kommun
Umeå School of Architecture
RISE Interactive

Designed by
Ambra Trotto
Jeroen Peeters
Nigel Papworth
Carla Collevecchio
José Carlos Sénchez Romero
Olov Långström
Harvey Bewley
Nikklas Ajling

Texts by
Pernilla Glasser
Gherardo Colombo
Wistawa Szymborska

With the participation of
Hans-Ola Stendlund
Ana Betancour
Toby Reid
Stina Haglund
Jérome Cézac
Thomas Latcham
Carlota H. Fuster
RATS Reseasrch
Arts & Technology for Society
(Stockholm University)

Thanks to
Nicola Fackel
Håkan Hansson
Sven-Eric Hilberer
Randy Cottin
Stoffel Kuenen
Verónica Carrillo

Music by


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