· [ Heat-sensitive Tower ] Theoretical case study

Seville, Spain



[Heat-sensitive Tower]: The theoretical case study investigated the interaction of an object with the parametric information measured on its surface.

This object [a tower] changed its shape in response to the surface temperature data supplied in real-time. Certain geometric conditions or fixed points were maintained to guarantee inhabitability, theorising on future applications

Workshop topics:
1. Introduction to intermediate level Rhinoceros for 3D modelling for architecture, with emphasis on geometrical and dimensional control
2. Work with Rhinoceros, introducing the plugin for Grasshopper parametric design
3. Advanced Grasshopper
4. Practical casework

• FabLab Workshop.02
Introduction to Rhino and Grasshopper for 3D Parametric Modelling
ETSAS Seville Higher Technical School of Architecture

• Lecturer: Ángel Linares García [authorised McNeel instructor]

• Coordination: José Pérez de Lama & Manuel Gutiérrez de Rueda [Centro IND]

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FabLab ETSA Sevilla