· Intro to Prototyping. Maquette workshop

Seville, Spain



Review of the principles which have historically been applied to the design process and production systems, up to new digital manufacturing models

By means of advanced technology, digital manufacture allows us to pass from computerised design to material design highly effectively. This represents a new way of manufacturing, not just for architecture, but also in all other fields in which design is a fundamental factor

• FabLab Workshop.01
Introduction to prototyping. Maquette workshop
FIDAS Seville Foundation for Architectural Research and Dissemination
ETSAS Seville Higher Technical School of Architecture

• Lecturers: Manuel Gutiérrez de Rueda, José Pérez de Lama, Juan Carlos Pérez Juidías, Jose Buzón González [IND ETSAS Centre]

FabLab ETSA Sevilla