There is a way of beginning to construct the place and its context. Under the domination of light and shade, to mould spaces for the human being, meeting needs, nourishing feelings, expectations and all that follows. Enigmatic spaces formed from the material that constitutes the landscape, with poetic intent, with a vocation to innovate. Space has hidden dimensions, vibrating as part of the mysterious entity that interconnects everything, producing universal emotions. And so we live in chiaroscuro atmospheres which change inexorably, waves of light like waves in the immense clepsydra of salt, always different, always the same. Architecture moves in step with the challenges and disquiet of society at all different times and it is in architecture that we must cultivate, freeing it of litanies which reformulate chorus lines with rules to govern order or ideas of style. To create a project is to invent. This is what I think, seek, seek expectant association with so many other players outside the discipline of architecture itself. The contribution of all these parts feeds a large number of focuses and, with that, mutability or adaptability in the design process, enriching ideas and objectives.

Each project responds to the needs laid down, making reasonable, efficient use of the resources of the modern world, without neglecting adaptation to the environment and cultural realities. Bringing together the contributions of modern science, mathematical computation, diffuse logic, thought, natural and social sciences. Investigating their systems and processes to find innovative, rational solutions. To design products, buildings and functional, emotional surroundings, inspiring to the community and in harmony with nature.