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+PROJECT or PlusProject
In a collaborative project, researchers from different institutions are developing together ways to address sustainability in future residential buildings, through advancing additive manufacturing technologies with cellulose-based material. […]

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RISE [Research Institutes of Sweden] – Interactive Institute Swedish ICT. […]

In February 2016, I started a new professional experience working with the Interactive Institute Swedish ICT within RISE [Research institutes of Sweden] to get get involved into the innovative work of the Interactive Institute.

I’ve been working for one year in several innovative projects, starting with the fascinating project named +Project which aims to develop a technology for full-scale 3D printed houses by using cellulose derivatives.

This project seeks to integrate sensorial networks into the space, no matter if they are physical or digital networks. The design process explores new perceptions on the space by mean of 3D printed prototypes proposing new aproaches, disruptive ideas and innovative solutions.

> “Could a 3D printer print buildings with waste from sawmills? How does digitalisation influence future construction of homes and life in them?…”

> “In 2018 a 3D printed house will be unveiled…”

Senior Architect
· José Carlos Sánchez-Romero

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Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
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