· Collaborative design of emerging systems

Seville, Spain



Methods for the creation of open design systems based on manufacture and, in particular, the capacity to generate emerging structures through agent-based and collaborative constructive processes

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Rules: System with simple rules: Red indicates the direction of growth, Blue should touch ground and give stability and domino spots award a score to the resulting design.


The projects experiment with algorithmic procedures and speculate on the possibility of robotic construction, to be performed using simple scripting procedures, CNC and laser cutters and role-play – not just as collaborative means of production but also in order directly to incorporate performative social aspects directly into the structures


• FabLab Workshop.04
Collaborative design of emerging systems
ETSAS Seville Higher Technical School of Architecture

• Lecturer: Jeroen van Ameijde [director of the digital manufacturing laboratory, Architectural Association, London]

• Invited lecturers: Jaime de Miguel [Master DRL-AA], Aretí Nikolopoulou [MAA Iaac]

• Coordination: José Pérez de Lama & Manuel Gutiérrez de Rueda [Centro IND]

FabLab ETSA Sevilla

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